Detské portréty / Cestovanie


Building up emotions for a planed trip.
Having expectations for a first time skiing.
But then… the unexpected.


Few days before we were to travel, our daughter got sick, some cough, a little fever. We treated her as we normally would on these situations. 2 days before the trip she was feeling much better. Great! We are good to go.

Everything was fine that afternoon when we arrived to the cottage. Then, night arrived, the kids went to sleep and few hours into the night… cough cough.. OH NO! We took care of our daughter and back to bed. Morning came with a decision making. We wont risk taking her out to the cold snow to ski. She stayed sleeping while the rest left, I stayed in the cottage with her.

She started to wake up, I knew what the reaction would be. I already had my camera prepared. Let her finish waking up, assimilate that we were left alone. She understood, she nodded, looked throughout the window, saw the snow… and then it hit her.

After calming her, we had fun, cooked, watched tv, played cards., I took some more shots downstairs, everything was fine 🙂

Sad awaking

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