Landscape / For Fun


It’s late, it’s cold, it’s dark .
The perfect scenario to capture what is always there,
but normally we don’t stop to contemplate.

I’m not a landscape photographer, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy shooting what is around us. I look amazed at many of the images out there from amazing photographers and I’m like, “Wow I wanna do that also”… then I try.

This is the result of my attempts. It’s funny to see that this is a completely different process from portraiture, both pre and post, But the essence of what is captured remains.

At the Farm
Within the mountains

A Night walk
To Calm and Enjoy

This image isn’t from the milky way, but was taken that same night while I was coming back to the cottage. I was surrounded by myst out of the sudden, and I could see the road and the lamps.  I set my tripod and mounted the camera on. Went aside the road, frame it and captured this magic moment.

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