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Unexpected Views

Many times when I take my camera, I really don’t know what to expect, I don’t have in mind a setup of what Im gonna shoot at, but then…

…it always happens. I turn my head around, and find something, small or big that captures my attention, I get closer and out of the sudden, an image forms in my mind. At that moment I run for my camera bag, pull the camera out, did I bring the props? Take them. Get ready, work fast, the moment might go away in an instant, set your mind at ease, set your camera, find the angle, take the shot.

Back home, sitting in front of the computer, making a few enhancements here and there, crafting the image I had in mind, simply materializing in front of my eyes.

Tiger Tiger
Look up, do you see me?

The city, the park

Well, and there are times where walking in the city you find this kinda little moments. A bike just there, leaning over a pole.

Who left it there?, I took advantage of the moment, not to steal it, lol.  But to take a shot at it.  Perfect timing, no one around to disturb the background, just me, the bike and my camera.

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